Bioessence Serum: main natural ingredients.


Fenugreek Oil

Trigonella foenum-graecum.

Fenugreek oil is an incredible oil with a restructuring effect and conditioning of keratin. It is often used on the skin and hair for its incredible ANTIAGE and anti-dryness properties .

Also known as Methi . On the labels it is often also indicated with the Latin name: Trigonella foenum-graecum . It is a plant belonging to the Fabaceae family. Its fruits are the legumes that contain the seeds. The seeds are hard and have a yellowish color, on mustard, and have a typical groove in the middle.


Turmeric Root

Curcuma longa.

The Turmeric root from which a very fine oil is extracted is particularly rich of beneficial substances, such as curcumin, with great anti-oxidant and anti-free radical properties. This component helps keep hair strong and healthy and more brilliant.

Curcuma longa is a herbaceous, perennial, rhizomatous plant of the Zingiberaceae family . The interested part is the rhizome, also used a lot by the ancients and in the Ayurvedic tradition.


Ginger oil

Herbaceous plant of the Zingiberaceae.

The essential oil of Ginger officinalis has important pharmacological properties and in particular cosmetic use on skin and hair prevents common anomalies and imperfections such as dandruff , greasy hair and promotes the maintenance of hair toned and strong .

Herbaceous plant of the Zingiberaceae . Today it is often marketed under the English name of ginger. Of our interest is the RIZOMA. There are many useful properties for our body and our hair.

Other natural ingredients

  • Bioessence Serum
  • Bioessence Serum
  • Bioessence Serum
  • Bioessence Serum


It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties, excellent for calming dry, red, dandruffed or sensitive skin. Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, making it more elastic and protected from irritation .


It has astringent and rebalancing properties that make it suitable for oily hair . Soothing and anti-inflammatory, useful in case of irritated skin and dermatitis affecting the scalp.


Stimulates and tones the scalp promoting hair growth . Regulates the production of sebum in case of oily hair.


It nourishes the hair and invigorates it, promoting growth and counteracting its fall .


Improves blood circulation and stimulates hair regrowth .


Gives strength, elasticity and shine to fragile hair. Limits sebum secretions, calms red skin .


It has astringent and sebum-regulating properties, it is especially indicated for oily hair and oily dandruff.


It has antioxidant power and stimulates the circulation of the scalp.


Strengthens the hair, stimulates growth and makes the hair shinier and stronger .