Bioessence Serum line

Bioessence Serum: the new line of cosmetics with an ecological essence

The hair is exposed daily to stress caused by atmospheric agents, styling, aggressive chemical treatments, without considering, then, the excessive use of hair dryers and straighteners that with the heat released I can cause damage and breakage. The result ? The hair will appear dull, dry and unstructured .

Bioessence Serum, a restructuring complex, is able to reconstruct the layers of the hair and restore them to their original splendor. Specifically designed by our research laboratories: nourishes , hydrates and reconstructs the hair ensuring an exceptionally healthy and vital appearance from the first application.

Thanks to precious natural active ingredients such as Fenugreek , Curcuma extract and Oil of Ginger , the whole hair will be visibly strengthened, soft and luminous.


SERUM bioessence products enjoy the Nickel tested certification. This means they are SAFE for those with nickel allergy. NICKEL TESTED & lt; 1 PPM.


SERUM bioessence products have been subjected to tests aimed at studying their EFFECTS ON THE SKIN and, in particular, their good SKIN TOLERABILITY , using verification protocols that require the presence or supervision of a dermatologist.

Bioessence Serum: usage protocol.

To get the most out of this treatment, we recommend following this protocol of use in 4 simple steps .

Bioessence Serum Shampoo

We apply a double coat of Bioessence Serum Shampoo since the first is considered cleansing while the second is functional. It is advisable to leave the latter on for a few minutes so that all the natural active ingredients can perform their function.
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Bioessence Serum Relax

We proceed with the application of the Bioessence Serum Relax spray strand by strand with a careful and counter-scale massage to let the active ingredients penetrate the hair fiber up to the cortex. Leave the product to act for about ten minutes, if possible under a heat source, then move on to the mask.
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Bioessence Serum Mask

Bioessence Serum Mask is the restructuring mask par excellence. Apply carefully and meticulously. Massage the fiber and rinse.
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Bioessence Serum Repair

The treatment is embellished and made complete by Bioessence Serum Repair which gives further HYDRATION but above all PROTECTS the hair from the final drying act and therefore from the heat of hairdryer and plate.
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When to use Bioessence SERUM

You can take advantage of the benefits of Bioessence Serum whenever the hair fiber appears weakened, without having to wait a long time to repeat the treatment. Its unique formula, in fact, does not weigh down the hair, on the contrary it helps to give LIGHTNESS and VOLUME to the restored hair.