Bioessence Serum line

Bioessence: participate in the change.

We use recycled PET and recyclable for all our bottles, promoting every day, and in fullness , the culture of reuse. We like to know that our packaging contributes to the protection of the environment and therefore of human health.

Our challenge is to propose sustainable packaging for both packaging and packaging. The containers of our cosmetics are made of PET , a versatile and durable material, but above all highly recyclable. Packaging, especially in the cosmetic field, has substantial relevance not only in terms of aesthetics, but also functional: its task, in fact, is to protect the product .

The orientation towards alternative materials to plastic does not always prove to be ecologically successful. Many cosmetics companies tend to choose glass, but this is not always a guarantee of sustainability: being a fragile element, it requires additional protective supports that would cause an increase in waste.

The packaging used for shipping the products is made of FSC certified paper deriving from eco-sustainable forests.